$39,750,000 – Apartments – Concord, NC$75,700,000 – Apartments – Grapevine, TX$5,000,000 – Retail – North Bethesda, MD$11,394,165 – Commercial Garage – Thornburg, VA$25,000,000 – Retail – Washington, DC$9,000,000 – Office – Bethesda, MD$16,000,000 – Office – Alexandria, VA$17,750,000 – Office/Warehouse – Chicago, IL$21,000,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$185,000,000 – Mixed Use – Baltimore, MD$9,500,000 – Medical Office – Washintgon, DC$10,425,000 – Student Housing – Charlottesville, VA$28,795,000 – Office – Bridgewater, NJ$13,850,000 – Apartments – Ellicott City, MD$18,470,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$10,370,000 – Apartments – Worcester, MA$30,000,000 – Apartments – Dallas, TX$81,192,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$10,166,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$47,560,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$30,086,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$13,200,000 – Apartments – Albuquerque, NM$5,000,000 – Apartments – Virginia Beach, VA$26,700,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$22,500,000 – Parking Garage – Alexandria, VA$11,400,000 – Retail – Goldsboro, NC$8,105,000 – Retail – Washington, DC$9,700,000 – Apartments – Richmond, VA$50,250,000 – Apartments – Orlando, FL$21,000,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$67,000,000 – Office & Data Center – Vienna, VA$7,500,000 – Office – Gaithersburg, MD$6,500,000 – Data Center – Lombard, IL$39,500,000 – Apartments – Bethesda, MD$13,500,000 – Apartments – Charles Town, WV$27,000,000 – Apartments – Arlington, VA$23,000,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$24,635,000 – Historic Office – Chicago, IL$42,920,000 – Apartments – Dallas, TX$43,850,000 – Apartments – Deland, FL$6,681,000 – Office/Retail – Bethesda, MD$42,000,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$119,000,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$53,600,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$3,500,000 – Retail – Silver Spring, MD$32,000,000 – Apartments – Morristown, NJ$15,000,000 – Apartments – Somerset, NJ$15,000,000 – Apartments – Lawrenceville, NJ$10,000,000 – Apartments – Lawrenceville, NJ$62,640,000 – Office – Potomac, MD$4,100,000 – Retail – Richmond, VA$14,468,000 – Apartments – Portland, OR$63,000,000 – Hotel – Honolulu, HI$46,000,000 – Retail – Rockville, MD$4,760,000 – Apartments – Goose Creek, SC$10,800,000 – Hotel – Bel Air, MD$5,700,000 – Apartments – Norfolk, VA$11,100,000 – Retail & Industrial – Alexandria, VA$2,405,000 – Apartments – Norfolk, VA$11,000,000 – Industrial – Montgomery, IL$85,000,000 – Hotel – San Jose, CA$5,200,000 – Office – Dulles, VA$10,750,000 – Retail – Cleveland, OH$2,830,000 – Apartments – Ocean City, MD$6,250,000 – Student Housing – Farmville, VA$2,100,000 – Mobile Home Park – Roxboro, NC$6,750,000 – Apartments – Richmond, VA$32,000,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$21,513,000 – Apartments – Dallas, TX$49,100,000 – Apartments – Ellicott City, MD$20,000,000 – Apartments – Washington, DC$43,000,000 – Industrial – Alexandria, VA$4,400,000 – Retail – Williamsburg, VA$15,750,000 – Apartments – Richmond, VA$7,225,000 – Apartments – Charlottesville, VA$2,300,000 – Retail – Suitland, MD$9,480,000 – Office – Fairfax, VA$14,500,000 – Office – Fairfax, VA$62,240,000 – Data Center – Alpharetta, GA$57,300,000 – Office – Herndon, VA$2,521,000 – Apartments – Richmond, VA$22,500,000 – Retail – Silver Spring, MD$10,400,000 – Apartments – Norfolk, VA$8,970,820 – Retail – Dumfries, VA$4,000,000 – Retail – Silver Spring, MD$40,000,000 – Apartments – McKinley, TX$30,000,000 – Hotel – Herndon, VA$3,190,000 – Office – Alexandria, VA$5,645,000 – Medical Office – Richmond, VA$25,920,000 – Apartments – Bethesda, MD$245,100,000 – Headquarters Office – Camp Springs, MD$32,000,000 – Biotech Research Facility – Rockville, MD$26,000,000 – Biotech Research Facility – Gaithersburg, MD$8,709,000 – Apartments – Albuquerque, NM$11,168,000 – Apartments – Albuquerque, NM$11,413,000 – Apartments – Albuquerque, NM$11,200,000 – Flex/Office – Charlotte, NC$17,400,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$11,845,000 – Apartments – Austin, TX$35,000,000 – Apartments – Grand Prairie, TX


For over 85 years, the Phillips name has been a fixture in the Washington DC real estate community. A pioneer in the field, Frank S. Phillips built a horizontally integrated commercial real estate enterprise encompassing the entire real estate cycle. Decades later, we transformed our business to focus exclusively on commercial real estate finance. Today, we are still proudly privately-owned and operate in the spirit of a family-run business that values personal relationships built on trust.

Our Business

Phillips Realty Capital collaborates with clients, serving as an extension of their capital markets office to provide a full range of financing services, including investment analysis and valuations, deal pricing and sizing, complete underwriting, deal process management and closing, third-party report review, and loan servicing and administration. Clients include many prominent real estate investors, developers, and owners such as Foulger Pratt, BF Saul, Clark, Donohoe, Lerner, and JBG Smith. Long-term correspondent lender relationships include, but are not limited to, Voya, Prudential, Guardian Life, TIAA, Guggenheim and Genworth.


  • Approximately $2 billion in transactions annually
  • Transactions range $2 million – $250 million


  • $2.8 billion portfolio
  • 24 correspondent lenders



We invest significant time on the front end of every transaction to provide accurate and reliable financial analysis and precise valuations so we are able to engineer and execute quality deals for our clients.


We structure capital stacks that leverage debt and equity to maximize the value of client assets. Our in-depth knowledge of and reach into the broad marketplace of capital sources allows us to wed quality borrowers with quality lenders and investors.


This business is personal. So we provide un-matched service from inception to closing. Each deal has a dedicated team – a principal, underwriter, and an analyst – fully engaged every step of the way, anticipating potential needs and trouble-shooting solutions

Phillips Realty Capital is a joint venture partner of EB5 Capital, which operates USCIS-authorized EB-5 Regional Centers in Washington, D.C., California, and New York. Since late 2012, through those Regional Centers, the Phillips/EB5 Capital joint venture has raised and placed more than $780 million in foreign investor capital into commercial real estate development projects.

Strategic Alliance Mortgage

Phillips Realty Capital has been appointed as a member of the Strategic Alliance Mortgage (“SAM”) group representing the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia territories.

Phillips, through its membership in SAM, is part of an organization of 23 independently owned commercial real estate mortgage banking companies having 50+ offices throughout the United States. In 2019, SAM members closed more than 1,200 transactions valued at over $14.7 billion with 300 lenders and capital providers. Since 2001, SAM members have placed more than $160 billion in financing and managed $40 billion in servicing. In an ever-changing market, SAM members offer the best lender relationships which lead to successful commercial real estate finance.


“This was our first hotel project, so we relied on Phillips for their expertise on the property type. Having assembled four separate properties for this development, we recognized that communicating our vision to prospective capital partners could be a challenge. Phillips knows our track record of renovating and repurposing historic properties, so we had absolute confidence in their ability to represent us in the capital markets.”

Norman Jemal, Principal & Senior Vice President of Douglas Development

“We needed an investment banker that understood the complexities involved, as well as the market dynamics and property attributes. Phillips delivered.”

Christopher Johnson, Principal with The Monument Companies

“The team at Phillips provided a seamless financing structure that was the right mix of capital for us to build at a highly competitive rate. It was very efficient for us to work with them as a single source in assembling the entire capital stack for this exciting project.”

Bob Murphy, Managing Principal of MRP Realty

“Having helped us secure the capital for the first phase of this development, Phillips was the obvious choice to structure the financing for The Majestic.”

Brad Kline, BP Realty

“The team worked with an array of lenders in order to expertly structure a perfect match and run a seamless process through closing.”

John D. Rhoad, Jr, Managing Principal of RMJ Development Group

“We’ve worked with Phillips on multiple transactions and knew they could help navigate the complexities involved.”

Patrick Kearney, President of Rushmark Properties

“Phillips has once again demonstrated it has the team to ensure excellent underwriting, pricing, and execution.”

Robert K. Tanenbaum, Principal at Lerner Enterprises

“The affiliation between Phillips and EB5 Capital provided a seamless execution.”

Kevin Riegler, Principal at CAS Riegler Companies

“The team at Phillips understands our business model and our track record in communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We are very happy that they were able to help us find a partner, not just an equity allocator.”

Rick Rowland, Woodfield Investments

“Phillips was able to present lenders with a comprehensive assessment of our vision to restore the building to its best-in-class status.”

Stephen Durr, President & CEO of Goodstone LLC

“We were absolutely confident in PRC’s ability to represent our asset and secure financing at optimal terms.”

Michael Rocks, Managing Director of Rocks Engineering Company

“Phillips has successfully represented our family-owned and operated business to the capital markets. In this case, they once again successfully managed the financing process with the lender to ensure a smooth, on-time closing.”

John Lancaster, Co-President and Chief Financial Officer of Weinstein Properties

“Phillips was well positioned to showcase not just the center’s value but the value we add over the long term to the property. Their work on the front end ensured a smooth closing.”

Gary D. Rappaport, Chief Executive Officer at Rappaport

“Phillips was able to structure and secure financing that allowed us to get cash out of the asset and provide sufficient good news money to lease up the vacant space in our project.”

Omar Doughan, Madison Marquette

“The Phillips team was able to execute a complex strategy that helped us unlock the value of a previously idle asset. They served not just as our mortgage banker, but as trusted business strategy advisors.”

James Napper, President of The Generic Management

“…The Phillips Realty Capital team played an integral role in our successful execution.”

Ashesh Parikh, Rubenstein Mortgage Capital

“PRC has been a terrific partner in understanding our developments and finding excellent parties to collaborate with.”

Mike Schwarz, Partner, Woodfield Development